Wallpaper! Our huge showroom is the place to visit.

Wallpaper! Our huge showroom is the place to visit.

It's easy to get caught up in the online world of buying. Our choices are bigger and in some cases better than ever due the the big wide world of the internet. It's such a great research tool and it's true that some people do all of their buying online.

There are for's and against's with buying wallpaper online. We can think of more against's.

Wallpaper is a "touch and feel" product. Why would you risk buying it from a non local overseas seller? How do you know you are buying what the image says? Do you know the quality? Do you have all of the recommended glues and information on wall preparation? Do you know if it is suitable for the room you want to use it for?

 Crockers have 2 stores and Miranda carries wallpaper in stock. We want our customers to visit us. What serious retailer wouldn't want face to face contact whenever possible? The fact is that the bricks and mortar retailers are "up against it" and competition is fierce anywhere. Surely that's part of our challenge in making our customers experience with us worth the visit.

At Crockers we value our product choice AND our customers are our first preference. Apart from the experience our staff have and the interesting products we sell, we have maintained keeping our wallpaper showroom strong. It is here you can come to browse 1000's of patterns, look at wallpaper up close, speak about wallpaper installation and get our honest oppinions about suitability of certain designs for specific areas. You can get samples and you can borrow our books to take home. There are no risks involved once you have seen the wallpapers and spoken with our staff. There are pros and cons of wallpapering and, if it's a bit tricky for you, we can recommend reliable tradesmen to install for you once you have chosen your wallpaper.

Our new refurbished upstairs wallpaper showroom and ART GALLERY - THE ART PASSAGE at our Miranda store lets you realise the value of this beautiful product along with art. We give you the opportunity to get excited about using this luxury item in wallpaper and then choosing a unique piece of ART from local artists. Come in and see the variety!!

It's everything from grasscloth to textures, bold colour, paintables, flocks and the list goes on. And you should see the murals!!! They are totally affordable. We have photographics,  movie stars, iconic buildings and plenty of kids wallpapers! If you want the "wow' factor then come and see us!

We have some of our designs online. The rest are in store. For our interstate customers please contact us to enquire about something you may have found online. It will most likely be available from an Australian supplier as well.

 Crockers Wallpaper Showroom Crockers Wallpaper Showroom

Crockers Wallpaper Showroom 

Crockers Wallpaper Showroom Crockers Wallpaper Showroom


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